After few years of development, the exciting MMA Rality show is scheduled for production in 2018.


"X-Fighter - The Supreme Warrior" will be the chance for MMA fighters to prove themselves as the most complete athletes in the sport.


Not only they will have to train in Boxing, Kickboxing / Muaythai, Grappling / Jiu-Jitsu, they will also have to fight each other in exciting matches where the rules will be determined by the Wheel of Supremacy.


The participants will have to be ready to fight a Boxing match, a Kickboxing / Muay Thai match, or a Grappling / Jiu-Jitsu match!


No MMA fight will be disputed before the Finale of the show. To win the competition, the fighters will have to be the most complete fighter of the group. 


More etails coming soon!