P&P31 - Passionate & Productive

The company was created in August 2016 by Sacha Puyssegur (see short bio below) after 3 years of reflexion and maturation of different projects.

After 10+ years spent in international sales and marketing by the team, the company now benefits from an extensive network of business entrepreneurs and political supports in different countries of the World and different areas of business which are described in this website.


Any aspect of the company's business is Passion-driven and services are provided with huge Productivity.




Sacha is the President of P&P31 and the creator and lead writer of all the projects developped by the company.


He has been involved in the television and media businness since 2008, the year he joined start-up company Fighting Spirit in France as its first Sales Manager.


In the following years he took on more responsibilities, with an overall support of the growing sales team in addition to the continuity of the development of its own portfolio.


Beside sales, his entrepreneur vision quickly brought enhancement in the company and lead to substituting room consuming betacam tapes by digitizing them and hosting them on a 100+ TB server. The critical economy realized in the technical cost lines lead to a massive increase of revenues for the company and its clients, and also lead to a substantial save on budget for all parties, including buyers. Additionally, the overall save on these costs permitted to create employment for a full time in-house video technician.


In terms of development, he also created and developed Fighting Spirit MMA with original logo and studio designing which later evolved. The purpose was to acquire MMA footage and reformat it in order to sell products that were generating 100% benefits for the company. This successful project also lead to the creation of Fighting Spirit Wrestling.


With time, finding new challenges to keep his brain firing has become very important and this is how P&P31 was created and launched in 2016.


Two years later, Sacha Puyssegur left Fighting Spirit to focus on his own activities and puruse his dream to write and produce his own shows.